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  1. Due to recent security issues at public events, NO RE-ENTRANCE TO THE PARK WILL BE ALLOWED AFTER 4:30 PM.  Bring your jackets, medicine, inhalers, and any other items you need with you.  All persons are subject to search with each entrance to the event.

  2. PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED anywhere on the festival grounds except service animals.  Please be kind to your pets as the parking area has no shade.

  3. No food, alcohol, beverages, or coolers, no glass, hookahs, or video cameras allowed in the park.  All bags including lawn chair bags will be searched.  You are allowed one factory sealed or empty see through bottle of water.  A filling station is avialable in the park.

  4. Tailgating is NOT allowed in ANY parking lots.  No grills or consumption of alcoholic beverages are allowed in the parking lots.

  5. NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 21 CAN CONSUME ALCOHOL ANYWHERE ON THE FESTIVAL SITE, INCLUDING THE PARKING LOTS. ZERO TOLERANCE ON UNDERAGE DRINKING. In order to purchase alcohol at the festival you must show a photo identification to get an "over 21" wristband, which must be worn at all times. You must produce identification if anyone on the festival staff requests to see it during the weekend, and will forfeit your "over 21" wristband and be removed from the premises if you cannot do so.

  6. Any shade umbrellas or shade tents must be placed at the back of the festival grounds to prevent obstruction of views.  ABSOLUTELY NO STAKES OF ANY KIND ARE ALLOWED TO BE USED ON THE FESTIVAL GROUNDS.  Please limit to low standing shade tents.

  7. No weapons of any kind or fireworks are allowed on the festival grounds.  You will be subject to search.

  8. No entrance from boats are allowed on the site. 

  9. Bayfront Reggae / World Music Festival, LLC,  is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets, personal injury, theft, loss, or damage to personal property.

  10. Persons engaging in violent, obscene or unruly behavior will be immediately ejected from the festival site or parking lots, and may be subject to arrest. No refunds will be given for tickets.

  11. Security is provided by Bayfront Reggae/ World Music Festival, LLC, and City of Duluth Law Enforcement Officers. Please treat them with respect.

  12. Please limit your flags to hand held to avoid obstruction of the view of the crowd sitting behind you.

  13. Absolutely NO GUNS allowed on the property with or without a permit.  Bayfront Reggae / World Music Festival, LLC, bans guns on the premises.

  14. Bayfront Reggae & World Music Festival is designed as a family event. Please be considerate of others by using family oriented dress and language.  

  15. Bayfront Reggae / World Music Festival, LLC, would like to be environmentally friendly.  Please discard recyclables in the appropriate containers and pick up any garbage in your area.  If we all work together on this, the grounds will remain clean for everyone.  

  16. No camping is allowed in the parking lots or on the festival grounds. More information on camping is available at  

  17. Bayfront Reggae & World Music Festival hopes that you have a lot of fun and good times with your festival family and friends.


Smoking Law 

The Minnesota smoking ban applies to all enclosed buildings, including buildings like the bathroom located outside the festival entrance.  Even in those areas where smoking is allowed, please be respectful to the people around you and discard your cigarette butts in the appropriate places, not on the ground.

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